Looking for fun indoor activities to do with the family? Here’s a list of a few things you can do to keep everyone busy and entertained:


Who doesn’t love the smell of freshly baked cookies? Get the mixing bowl out and find some baking recipes that are sure to please the whole family.

Arts & crafts

Pull out the paper, markers, crayons and glitter and get the imagination going. The paper is your canvas and the possibilities are endless!

Science Experiments

Learning can be fun for the whole family! Pull out the goggles and try out these kid-friendly science experiments at home.

Board games/cards

Have some board games or a deck of cards at home? Make it a game night with board games and plenty of card games to play like Go Fish or Crazy Eights.

Movie Night

Pop some popcorn, grab a bag of sweets, and grab a blanket for the at-home theatre experience. With Netflix, Amazon Prime, Disney Plus, and other available streaming services, the movie choice is yours.

TikTok Dance Challenges

Make it a dance party and gather the kids to learn some of the latest dance trends. It’s fun exercise for the whole family.

Scavenger Hunt/Treasure Hunt

Get creative and plan a family scavenger hunt at home. Make a map, leave some clues, and get the search going.

Family Photo Bingo

This is a great way to help the kids remember extended family members. Create the board by using family photos and writing down their names to draw and match.

Hopscotch/Balance Beam

It’s easy to make a balance beam or hopscotch layout, all you need is a clear floorspace and some painter’s tape!

Build a Blank Fort

Who says blanket forts are just for kids? This is a great bonding activity that encourages play and imagination. Tell stories or watch videos together once the fort is complete.

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