Welcome to Winnipeg, the festival capital of the world! Though we have not officially been crowned, there’s no question that this is the place to be if you love the excitement, laughter, and joyous spirit that a series of non-stop festivities can bring. 

Spring, summer, fall, or winter, the events keep happening, the music keeps playing, the food keeps flowing, and the fun never ends. Each year, visitors and residents enjoy everything from wondrous one-time events to annual festivities the whole family looks forward to each year. In this post, we’ll take a look at just a few of our most popular events. Soon, you’ll see for yourself that they don’t call us “Winnipeg the Festive” for nothing!


Winnipeg prides itself on its inclusivity and diversity, and Folkorama is one of the many ways we celebrate these values! This two-week extravaganza typically kicks off in August, with various cultural pavilions on display throughout the city. 

It’s hard to imagine a better way to celebrate unique heritages from around the world than through the universal languages of art, music, and, of course, food! 

Here is your chance to experience everything from Ukrainian and Scottish to Chinese and African cultures. As a family-friendly event, Folkorama welcomes everyone of all ages and from all backgrounds. 

Fun festivals are just the beginning of what Winnipeg has to offer! Learn more about Winnipeg life in the posts below:

Winnipeg Children’s Festival

Each spring, the snow begins to melt in Winnipeg, the birds come out to sing, and children of all ages excitedly mark the Winnipeg Children’s Festival on the calendar. 

In late May or early June, a wide array of age-appropriate theatrical performances begin that will keep children engaged and entertained, while secretly educating them along the way. Interactive activities are designed to make them feel like part of the show, and they have many opportunities for hands-on activities. 

Plus, they will receive instruction and inspiration from artists all over the world. This event could just be the catalyst for your younger’s lifelong love of music and the arts!

Winnipeg Pride

Winnipeg is warm and welcoming to all, which is one of the reasons we are proud to host the Winnipeg Pride Festival each spring or summer. The event is designed to promote LGBTQ+ rights and celebrate diversity while encouraging acceptance and inclusion for all people. 

Various educational workshops and social events help to create awareness and allow attendees to express themselves and connect with others in the community. 

It isn’t all seriousness, however, and the event is teeming with laughter and fun activities, including a colourful and energetic parade, live music, and engaging drag shows. All are welcome to come and celebrate as we work together to create a safer and more tolerant society!

Winnipeg International Jazz Festival

Got a taste for a little jazz? Then the Winnipeg International Jazz Festival will help soothe your craving, with various performances from traditional jazz to contemporary fusion. You’ll find both ticketed events and free concerts at numerous venues throughout the city, including in the historic Old Market Square. 

In the past, notable artists such as Bobby McFerrin, Buster Williams, George Benson, Preservation Hall Jazz Band, Charlie Haden, Joe Henderson, and Kamasi Washington have taken the stage. Even the legendary Herbie Hancock once put in a performance, much to the delight of the enthralled audience! 

Have you been bitten by the musical bug yourself? Then grab your instrument and head to one of the workshops or late-night jams that also take place during this highly-anticipated event!

Winnipeg Fringe Festival

Winnipeg summers are filled with warm sunny days, beautiful scenery, and endless fun and relaxation. How do you make a perfect season even better? Simple; just add the Winnipeg Fringe Festival that takes place every July. 

Here’s your chance to take in live performances by local playwrights and actors throughout the city. Performances range from the thoughtful and dramatic to the bombastic and downright hilarious! There are also dances and musical numbers that will get you tapping to the beat before you know it. 

Often, these shows make you the star, with audience engagement to add to the excitement. What a way to immerse yourself in the art of storytelling and performance without the usual constraints of traditional theatre!

Folk Festival

Music lovers in Winnipeg have much to celebrate, especially in mid-July when the Folk Festival rolls into town. This outdoor event brings together many of our favourite things, the beauty of nature, friendship, arts and crafts, fabulous food, and last but not least, a love of folk music! 

Visit for the day, or make the most of your experience with the 4-day camping extravaganza. Either way, you can enjoy some of the world’s most famous folk artists, and may just discover a brand new favourite! 

Be sure to buy your tickets in advance, however. This popular festival often sells out, and the earlier you buy, the more you will save. 

Does all this celebrating make you want to buy your next home in Winnipeg? Find out how in the posts below:

Holi Summer Fest

Embrace your inner child through this magical celebration of colour! Though it only began in Winnipeg in 2022, Holi Summer Fest is one of the most well-loved festivals from around the world. Food, music, and dancing get everyone into the joyful spirit. And who can resist the explosion of colour through the air to the backdrop of lively Indian music? Children under 12 and adults over 65 attend for free. 

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