Our company’s purpose is to help our Clients/Customers live life well.

Here at Goodfellow Realty, we are closely watching the developments around COVID-19. While the situation is uncertain and quickly changing, we are working to assure the well being of our employees, company, community and you, our Clients/Customers.

Business goes on with us taking responsibility to include extra steps to protect the health of all.

We want to commit to you, our Clients/Customers. Our team remains ready and committed to assist you with your needs, as we navigate these challenging times, and beyond. We promise to serve our Clients/Customers and communities as best we can, and to simply do the right things in a complicated time.


The Team at Goodfellow Realty cares about our community.  If there are further concerns or questions to please reach out to our office at:

Office: 204-224-2551

Email: [email protected]

Website: goodfellowrealty.com


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