Winnipeg has become one of the most popular destinations for relocating families. What are the reasons for this? There are so many! An affordable, high quality of living is a big draw. There is also a thriving job market and endless outdoor activities. But perhaps most of all, newcomers look to the city because it is a safe and nurturing place to raise a family.

Education is a top priority for many people relocating, and Winnipeg takes a dynamic approach. “If we see a problem, we fix it” is the philosophy of Manitoba educators and administrators, and this is evident in classrooms all over the province. In Winnipeg, the school boards are committed to providing an individualized learning environment where students can prepare for a future filled with possibilities.

Your Guide to Winnipeg’s Public School Divisions

Depending on your catchment area, you’ll be under one of six Winnipeg school boards. The Winnipeg School Division is by far the largest, representing 78 schools and more than 33,000 students. Their vision is for both staff and students to be “engaged, confident, inspired, and successful learners.” The other school boards in the city have varied mission statements, but the common goal is to produce productive and caring future members of society:

  • Louis Riel School Division: “Our Vision is for all members of our community to excel as caring, confident, capable, and resilient life-long learners who contribute to a democratic and sustainable world.” 
  • Pembina Trails School Division: “We are dedicated to educational excellence through challenging and enriching experiences for all, in a safe and caring community.”
  • River East Transcona School Division: “We provide inclusive, innovative, and engaging educational programming in a safe and caring environment.”
  • St. James – Assiniboia School Division: “We are a leading and innovative learning community that will enable all students to succeed in our ever-changing world.”
  • Seven Oaks School Division: “Rooted in Indigenous ways of knowing and being, we foster reconciliation by braiding Land-based education, ecological restoration, and community stewardship together for Seven Oaks School Division learners, educators, and the extended community.​”

You can find out which schools are in your division with this helpful interactive map right here.

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Top Public Schools in Winnipeg

Evaluating a school can be challenging in Winnipeg as each child is different, and Manitoba offers no official rating system. How can you find the right option in this case? It helps to understand your goals and your child’s particular learning style. 

Start by searching the website of the school division within your catchment area. For example, let’s say the Winnipeg School Division is your school board, and you want to ensure your child receives extensive instruction in French. Based on that criteria, you can narrow down your choices by typing “Winnipeg School Division – French Immersion” into your search bar. Here are a few options to consider:

  • École Lansdowne (Nursery to Grade 8) 
  • École LaVérendrye (Nursery to Grade 6) 
  • École Sacré-Coeur (Nursery to Grade 8)
  • École Sir William Osler (Nursery to Grade 6)

If in doubt, you can always contact your local school board to discuss your child’s needs and select a suitable school for them.

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Private Alternatives in Winnipeg

Winnipeg offers many private alternatives if you find that the public school system is not up to your specifications. Tuition fees vary, but if cost is not an issue, you may find the perfect school that checks off all your boxes. One of the nice things about the private system is that there are no catchment areas to worry about. Still, some due diligence is necessary as no official rating system exists. 

We recommend performing thorough research before making a decision. Start by visiting the school’s website to see their values and curriculum. It also doesn’t hurt if you can find out how many graduates are accepted into college and university. 

Once you’ve narrowed down your list, see if you can talk to other parents or former students about their experiences. Here are a few private schools that get high ratings from many Winnipeg residents:

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Post-Secondary Education in Winnipeg

The availability of renowned post-secondary schools makes Winnipeg a place where you can put down roots for a long time. You can be assured of a top-notch education, from preschool right through to university and beyond. The University of Winnipeg and Manitoba Institute of Trades and Technology are premium institutions that draw interest from all over the province. 

However, you will find dozens of vocational schools to fit your goals, wherever your life may take you! Here are just a few top-rated and varied post-secondary schools that can prepare you or your child for a satisfying and successful career:

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